Testsieger Test Winner: Hutt W8 window cleaning robot

Release time:2023-01-10      Author:HuttEditor

Testsieger Test Winner: Hutt W8 window cleaning robot


Robots already make our work easier in many areas, be it vacuuming, cleaning pools or mowing lawns. The window cleaning robots are quite new on the market. These attach themselves to the pane and gradually cover the surface. One representative is the Hutt W8. In the test, Testsieger clarify how the device performs in practice and whether the robot is an alternative to classic window vacuums.


Most of the customs like the processing quality. The housing is mainly made of plastic. This is very firm and also feels high-quality. Even under heavy loads, we cannot dent or even bend the materia. The cloth is attached to the underside with Velcro and is very firm. So there is no risk of it slipping.


The robot comes completely pre-assembled, even a cleaning cloth is already attached to the underside. Very nice: 3 additional cloths are included in the scope of delivery. The power cable consists of 3 components. The connection to the robot is fixed. All in all, this results in a very long cable of 6 meters, this is necessary to ensure a high degree of flexibility.  Thanks to the transparent plastic, users can see the current water level at all times.


The robot has laser sensors in all 4 corners for navigation. These not only show him edges and frames, but also specify the route. By default, the Hutt traverses the area in a Z pattern. This means that it first drives straight ahead until it comes to an edge, then turns slightly at an angle, drives to the next line and continues on its way in the other direction. He repeats this pattern until the entire surface is cleaned. The Hutt recognizes whether we place it on the top or bottom edge. In addition, we can use the positioning to determine whether it should move horizontally or vertically. If the power button is up or down when you attach it, it moves left and right. If the button is aligned to the side, the W8 cleans from top to bottom. Depending on the type of window, this is very practical. The robot recognizes window frames very well and does not bump into them with momentum. 


In contrast to other mopping robots, users do not have to moisten the microfibre cloth by hand beforehand. The task is performed by two spray nozzles on the left and right of the housing. This works excellently in practice. The Hutt will always activate the appropriate splash mechanism based on the direction in which it is moving. Water spraying function works extremely well in practice.