Company Philosophy

Corporate mission

Respect life

Corporate vision

Pursue the ultimate window cleaning experience

Corporate values

Outstanding maverick

Hutt Spirit

Never give up

Brand name interpretation

He, means grand;

Te, meaning extraordinary.

Wise man, erudite;

Wisdom, insight.

Hutt wisdom means grand and extraordinary, intelligent and clear.

Company Culture

A person on the road, a leader, a pioneer

-Sincerity and innovation: Sincere and true intentions are the basis of being a person. There is no trust in a person, no trust in one's profession, no one is unhappy, and there must be awe of people and things. Innovation is the engine of an enterprise, efficiency, and competitiveness, and never satisfies the pursuit of perfection.

-Never give up: Never give up is a choice and our spirit. There is a beginning and an end in doing things, a goal, a process, a result, and an end.

-Daily settlement: The work will be completed on the same day, without procrastination and backlog.

-Able to speak and do: express things clearly and accurately, have ideas in doing things, have rules, high efficiency, and work collaboratively.

-Diligent and studious: diligent, active, active, loves to learn, can learn, and build a learning company together.